Sky Reflecting


Listening to the CBC I heard an interview with someone involved in setting up the Biodome in Montreal.

When he spoke of the emotional response of the scientists to the request for their vision in designing the Biodome I was moved, too. Whereas, usually they would be hired to execute an assignment – do the job as described – here they were being asked for what they wanted, what they desired, what they envisioned. And what they wanted was to present nature to the public in a way that would make people see its beauty and want to take care of it.

In that moment an idea coalesced and the words: “Dreams are the poems of science” came to me. This is my understanding of the creative beauty of science – the knowledge of our minds and souls/bodies/hearts – as brought to us via the amazing vehicle of dreams. I wanted to go to the Biodome, meet scientists, ask them their dreams, see the convergence of outer and inner science in the synchronicity of the happenings in nature and the dreams of scientists. Later that day my best friend, the one with whom I have had synchronous dream events, emailed asking if I would like to go on an adventure to Montreal. I said yes, and did and the image above is from the Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystem, one of four beautiful, contained ecosystems that the Biodome offers. I was in love with a skate and photographed it coming to the surface and turning upside down, showing its mouth and so on. Then it lay on the bottom and blinked up through the water with sky-reflecting eyes.

Dreams are the poems of science. They are singing through us, born of impulses and information that want beauty, power, healing.

Dreams are made of thought, blood, bone and soul. They blink at us from deep down through sky-reflecting eyes.

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