Monthly Archives: July 2020

Comet Firefly

Comet has an unbraided tail.
There is no point in braiding it.
Its tail is a sign of where it has been
and the indication of direction is for old woman on the hill
in the dark with binoculars.
After all, you are my sister
sticking your belly out
while you
 rest your elbows against your breasts
to steady the binoculars that rise and fall as you breathe,
but you can still see well enough
a comet pulsing through the cloud.
A firefly was not a distraction
but eclipsed the comet
like a newborn sibling seen naked with the eye.
They are sisters too, the comet and the firefly,
each with their tremendous asses that will not stop.
The little one flashes yes to a prospective love,
indicating her hiding spot.
The big one is just giving it all she’s got.