Karen Melady

I’m an educator, dreamworker, community artist in the partnership Worth Their Salt with artist Linda Wiebe, and a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).
I live in Goderich on the shores of Lake Huron. The natural setting here is powerful. It is my heritage and inheritance and the land, water and skies play an important part in my dream life.


In 1987 I started recording and working with my dreams, initially using the methods set out in Ira Progoff’s book At a Journal Workshop. Through a series of dreams I found my way to my first IASD conference in Chicago in 2009 and ever since have enjoyed the rich learning that membership in this global community offers. Anyone can join, and people in Ontario can participate in regional activities by connecting to Toronto IASD.

Practice, Study and Training

I love leading group and individual dreamwork. I have participated in various dreamwork methods through IASD conferences, meetings, and online training (mentored by Jeremy Taylor), and with my online peer group. I am a Dream Work Facilitator certified through the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work.

My continuing independent studies focus on different types of dream processing through study of my own dreams and others’. I have gained great knowledge via publications by dream workers such as Jeremy Taylor, Gayle Delaney, Scott Sparrow, Tallulah Lyons & Wendy PannierKelly Bulkeley, Patricia Bulkley, Chris Sowton, Robert Moss, Kirsten Backstrom, and IASD. Integrating diverse materials into dreamwork helps me be available to a wide variety of people’s experiences. I love learning from authors of psychology, neuroplasticity, cosmology, spirituality, literature, and business. A current favourite resource is Shrink Rap Radio with Dr. Dave Van Nuys.

My studies and experiences in voice, movement, theatre, performance, writing, ritual, and group dynamics have given me access to many diverse modes of perception and expression. These expand my abilities and resources in articulating the layers of meaning in dreams.

The interplay between art and dreams provides a powerful, consolidating process for working with personal information including dreams. I love it.

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