white cat

The man in blue and white sailor striped t-shirt stoops over to pet the white cat.
The cat rolls over and wriggles and the man shuffles on the driveway, setting his black cotton shopping bag beside the cat, quiet, quiet.
Some words given while the fur is stroked and ruffled?
The cat rolls away, wriggles more.
More shuffling, running shoes and socks and shorts, tight leg muscles obeying.
Cat gets a rub and stroke along white and butterscotch bounty.
Straightening up the stooped back to carry on: sidewalk, neighbourhood, downtown.
Butterscotch and white king of plush, happy on his side for a moment flops over for a pavement spa scrub.
Circles up to a pleased pose, tethered by a length of white string to the distant porch.
I spy on beauty.
Tropical green eyes, no worry, he soft paws back along the edge of the pavement, sniffs green ground cover, disappears into the privacy of contentment.


2016 08 26

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