I love facilitating dream workshops and giving one on one sessions.
Click here to see what some people have to say about working with me.
I abide by the ethics protocol set out by the IASD.
I use the Projective Dreamwork Method in combination with methods I have integrated through continued study.

I offer:
Individual Sessions (1 1/4 hours)
Introductory Group Sessions (3 hours)
Group Sessions (2 1/2 hours)
6 Week Group Sessions (2 1/2 hours one day/week)

I am in the Goderich area and am happy to come to your community. (mileage fee)

To inquire about rates or book a session contact me at

What It’s Like

Group sessions run about 2 1/2 hours.
Depending on the experience of the group, we work on 2 or more dreams.

Check in
Dream naming (Share title of a dream)
Dream 1 – Dreamer shares dream
Clarifying questions from the group to the dreamer – define and expand on dream content.
Projective feedback: Group members respond to their experience of the dream: “In my imagined version of the dream…”, “In my experience of the dream…”
Dreamer responds to dream feedback (optional) – what resonates or “ahahs”, food for thought…
End this session by returning the dream to the dreamer.
Repeat for Dream 2

In learning sessions we discuss the experience of the group in expanding on the dream, asking questions, ‘how to’, the dreamer’s experience of receiving feedback, what it feels like to take on the dream and own one’s projection vs unconscious projection.

Rules of Engagement for Dreamwork

1. For Group and Individual sessions: If you are seeing a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or counsellor, or are on medication for the treatment of mood disorders, please consult with your supervising professional to determine if participation is appropriate.

Dream processing can raise unexpected issues and emotions.

2. Follow IASD Ethics protocol and use Jeremy Taylor’s guidelines/Toolkit.

3. Attend the first meeting and the majority of meetings.

The guidelines will be revisited and distributed at the first meeting.

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