Who likes dreamwork



I love your dream workshop. It is intentional, thoughtful, expansive, gentle, kind, generous. I am impressed by the wisdom of my own dreams. It is exciting to be introduced to an inner voice with new insight.

The one-on-one session was very insightful. The technique of explaining definitions using a beginner’s mind was very helpful. It illuminated my biases and revealed the issues that weren’t quite obvious at the start. It inspired me to see things differently – a relationship I was struggling with – I went on to make helpful changes.

I am remembering more of my dreams and finding my dreams are more complex than I had originally experienced. It’s like finding another part of yourself that has been silent.

Other group members’ experience of the week’s dream shed light on facets of the dream I simply hadn’t considered. Karen offered valuable insights that rang true and had profound connections to my waking life. Her sensitivity and respect for the dream work process and group members provided a safe environment that fostered respectful sharing, support, and personal growth.

Your guidance was so skillful, keeping me ‘on track’ without being intrusive or inhibiting my process. It felt so good to be honouring my dreamwork again and I was reminded how valuable it is for keeping me grounded and in touch with who I am.

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