Here you can find information on dreams, how to connect with them, and how I might be of service as a dreamworker.
There are offerings on the Projective Dreamwork Method, Workshops, Karen (me), Who Likes Dreamwork, and my dream inspired blog.

I value the intelligence, creativity and beauty of dreams as they reflect our inner and outer worlds.


  • instructional, healing, and frequently entertaining.
  • our own personal delivery device for developmental information.
  • come in unusual forms to get our attention.
  • the result of conversations between the deep self and the waking world self.
  • can transcend personal experience and carry meaning for community and the larger world.
  • can transcend time and space.
  • the meaning resides with the dreamer.

I am a dreamer and dreamworker.

My dreams are poems transcending time and space and waking me up to the fullness of my life.

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